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Things could have been so different… 10 years ago today

So, today is the 10th birthday of our twin girls Emily and Lucy. Their arrival was a very scary moment for Davy and I. Soon after they were conceived, they developed a serious medical condition that threatened the survival of

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The story so far…

Emma (lead vocal) and Davy (guitar & vocal) had been performing together for a while when they moved from Wales to Glastonbury. They got to know Gareth (bass & vocal) via his wife’s (Julie Lovelock) Yoga classes held in Chalice

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13 January 2014 | 351 days to go

Well, I’m not sure how I follow Emma and Davy’s story about the writing of My Little Girl? But I’ll do my best. A few things have happened over the last week or so. I’ll start by introducing myself and

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Success or failure?
Did we make it?January 1st, 2015
Lazy Daze gave themselves one year to make music make them a living. How did they do?
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