Things could have been so different… 10 years ago today

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So, today is the 10th birthday of our twin girls Emily and Lucy. Their arrival was a very scary moment for Davy and I. Soon after they were conceived, they developed a serious medical condition that threatened the survival of both twins. With only a 60% chance of one or both twins surviving providing they received treatment in time, every week we would take a 90 mile round trip for a Specialist Scan to see how well they were coping, and if they had managed to survive another week. But unfortunately at 25 weeks, I went into premature Labour, and Lucy and Emily arrived into the world very quickly. Half of me felt that they were safer out than what they were in, but still, they only had a 50% chance of survival.

They were extremely ill after they were born, and we were unable to hold them as the consultants feared it would endanger their lives. It wasn’t until they were 3 weeks old before we had our first hold of Lucy, but unfortunately it wasn’t filled with moments of joy, but a moment of deep sadness…..

Their condition had deteriorated so much that their lungs were no longer able to take in Oxygen. The ventilator was pushed to the limits, but it was no use, their lungs were damaged so much and blocked up with so much fluid and inflammation that it was impossible for any oxygen to get through.

It was Valentines Day when we were called by the Consultant. Lucy was the worst of the two. He said “I am so sorry, but I’m afraid Lucy is dying now. She only has a matter of hours to live”. He recommended that we turned off the machines so that she could pass away quietly, but we didn’t feel that this was the right thing to do. If Lucy was about to leave us, then she should be the one to decide when that moment should happen.

We held her for the first time since she was born as we said our goodbyes. Hours and Hours went by as we held her throughout the night. Her sister lay in the incubator behind us, at one point being resuscitated herself…..a sight that we had grown all too familiar with.

By the morning, Lucy was still with us, and we held on to her so tight. The consultants though couldn’t understand why she hadn’t passed away by now, and decided to order another X-Ray to see what was going on. What they found was unbelievable….

In just a space of 6 hours, the time that we held Lucy for, the X-Rays had shown that Lucy’s lungs had completely cleared of fluid, and all the inflammation had disappeared. Lucy’s lungs had healed within just a matter of hours, and she was well on her way to recovery.

The Consultants cannot explain to this day how this has happened, and couldn’t express enough that “It is medically impossible”. We have since attended a lecture where our consultant based the lecture around Lucy and the story of her healing and survival. The hospital have since changed their policy in the Special Care Baby Unit so that parents can now hold their babies, no matter how sick they are.

This song is a snapshot in time….A song about the thoughts and feelings going through my head during those few hours that we were able to hold Lucy, for what we thought was going to be the first, and very last time before we were to lose her to the Angels. We are so grateful that Lucy and Emily are here with us today. They truly are our little miracles. The outcome could have been so much different…..Emma. XX

 Happy 10th Birthday Girls  Love Mammy and Daddy

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