The story so far…

Emma (lead vocal) and Davy (guitar & vocal) had been performing together for a while when they moved from Wales to Glastonbury. They got to know Gareth (bass & vocal) via his wife’s (Julie Lovelock) Yoga classes held in Chalice Well Meeting Room.

Gareth first saw them perform at Butleigh Beer Festival and was blown away by what he heard. A few weeks later he had agreed to join the band as their bass player. The first time they played together as a threesome was at the Sharpham Tea Garden Folk Festival in August 2013.

Two weeks later, in mid-September, they played their first full show, at Hawthorns Hotel & Bar (which does a mean curry), accompanied by friend and session percussionist, David Oliver. Emma and Davy had played a number of open mics there, receiving rousing applause. By that time Gareth had only learned half the set so Emma and Davy did the first half as a duo. Gareth joined them for the second half. The video below is one of the band’s favourite songs to perform; ‘As I Hesitate’.

The poster for the Hawthorn’s gig featured the first appearance of the crazy shoes Emma wore on the night, and which the band now use for all their social media profile pics.

Hawthorns Shoes Poster                                                          GFMtoRedBrickPoster

Lazy Daze had also been invited to support a fundraising event held by Glastonbury FM, to collect funds for a new studio for the radio station. The gig was held at the King Arthur pub, in Glastonbury, at the end of September. The band filmed the whole performance but the PA was so loud even the auto-volume on the Sony V1 couldn’t cope. This was the first gig that Jon joined them for. 

Lazy Daze Live at King Arthur 2 - cropped

Yet again another gig presented itself when they were invited to headline the music stage at Glastonbury Frost Fayre, at the end of November. Despite the cold temperatures a sizable crowd stayed to hear them perform.

IMG_0938 - cropped and compressed

Lazy Daze then took a break for Christmas and New Year, determined to kick off 2014 in earnest. Including recording an EP, entering the Glastonbury Festival Emerging Talent contest and running a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for their debut studio album.

Follow this blog and join Lazy Daze on their journey to musical success and find out what it takes to make it in this modern world of social media, self-promotion and self-production. It’s bound to be an exciting rocky ride. 🙂

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3 comments on “The story so far…
  1. rlmarcum says:

    “As I Hesitate” — excellent tune! Please, sirs & ma’am, we’d like some more.

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  3. […] may have read in my first post that we performed at a fundraiser to help GFM get together enough cash to build a new studio inside […]

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