13 January 2014 | 351 days to go

Well, I’m not sure how I follow Emma and Davy’s story about the writing of My Little Girl? But I’ll do my best. A few things have happened over the last week or so. I’ll start by introducing myself and then I’ll bring you up to date with band activity.

My name is Gareth Lovelock and I’m fortunate enough to be the bass player for Lazy Daze. I currently work part-time (almost full-time) at Chalice Well, in Glastonbury, as the events coordinator, Facebook facilitator and website administrator. However, music has always been my first love and since the age of 14, when I joined my first band, I have pretty much been playing guitar and writing my own songs.

Most of this has been behind closed doors but I was in a few bands early on, starting with Twisted Pig, pretty much a bedroom band. Twisted Pig was followed by Stone Heart (a rock band, in case you didn’t guess), who managed to do a few gigs in London. Ian Chattington, a friend of mine, was the lead singer and is still out there doing his thing in a band called ‘Better Luck Next Time (UK)’. After Stone Heart, Ian and I formed a band called Dangerous Sandwich. We got as far as recording a four-track demo and no further.

For many years I entertained no thoughts of furthering my musical career beyond rehearsing with Jon Nunn (now Lazy Daze guitar / mandolin / mandola player) once week, both of us writing our own material. Then Emma and Davy Jones arrived on the scene and old dreams began to stir. A few months after joining them as a bass player, Jon followed, adding to the musical pot with his multiple stringed instrument playing. The rest you can read in my first Adventures of Lazy Daze blog post. Now we are on a one year mission to make a living out of the thing we are all most passionate about, and with the song-writing driving force that is Emma and Davy, all things seem possible, and maybe, just maybe, some of my songs will get a public airing…


Much of our rehearsal this evening was about preparing for our live performance on Glastonbury FM (GFM). Songs being considered are ‘As I Hesitate’, ‘So in Love with You’, ‘Catch Me’ and ‘I Can See You Fly’.

On addition to GFM preparation we’re getting ready to record a demo at David Oliver’s, our friend, and session percussionist, who’s played live with us a few times. The recording session is currently scheduled for this weekend, on Saturday.

We also created a task list of things we needed to do to get the Lazy Daze show properly on the road. The ultimate aim is make this music thing financially viable, rather than just a hobby. A steep hill lies ahead of us but one with many beautiful and inspiring events along the way.

An album is a definite must. Realistically, selling our CDs at festivals and gigs will provide most of our income to begin with. We’ve a little way to go before venues are paying us proper money, or we’re hiring venues ourselves. It may take a little bit of fundraising to get the album recorded, mastered and produced. We’re having a look at KickStarter at the moment. A friend of mine, Sudha Bonne, successfully funded her album this way, last year.

The idea of a ‘Lazy Daze Festival’ has come up more than once. Watch this space (please be warned, you may have to watch for some time). Just thought I’d get a plug in early!

Our task list also includes setting up a selection of social media channels. We’re already on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and REVERBNATION but given current trends, adding Instagram, Vine, Tumblr and Pinterest seems sensible. We’d be very interested to know of any other social media sites which might be useful to us. As far as we can gather getting us much exposure as possible is the name of the game.

It was a good rehearsal. We next get together on Wednesday.

Thanks for reading.

Best wishes,

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