Fundraising, song sharing and story telling | Tuesday, 04 March | 302 days to go

A few small bits of news today, and a potentially controversial topic.

The fundraiser we’re playing at to raise money for those affected by the flooding of the Somerset Levels has been moved to May 10, still at the Shirston Inn, Wells. Sharon, the organiser, has already mentioned the idea of Lazy Daze becoming the ‘house’ band in exchange for a meal and drinks and the lady likes the idea. We shall discuss more before or during the gig but it sounds promising. Hopefully the event will raise some much needed cash. The water levels may slowly be receding but the long term damage is exactly that, long term. Pasture land has been ruined, alongside peoples homes, and if I understand correctly sewage is causing contamination problems.


Emma came across another website for bands to share / sell their music – – which appears to be UK based rather than US. Not that that makes any difference but most seem to be based across the pond. You can upload tracks for sale, which the website owners take a percentage of, or offer them for free download. This touches on what appears to be one of the more controversial aspects of the modern music industry. Should a musician or band give away their product? I think I’ll explore this particular topic a bit further another time, rather than chuck it in among other news. Anyway, here’s a pic of our Songeist bandpage. I’ve just filled in our profile, linked some YouTube videos and uploaded a couple of songs, the same songs which are available to download via our website. The only shortcoming with Songeist that comes to mind is the ability to collect email addresses from downloaders, as you can with NoiseTrade. It seems fair that there is some sort of trade, even if it only allows the band to re-connect with someone who has shown an interest in some of their music. I’m in danger of drifting into the ‘should musicians give away their music for free’ discussion which I promise to expand on next week.


I came across a new style of social media site which I really like, in part for it’s simplicity. It’s called Flipboard and it allows you to create an online magazine of the things you love via the simple click of a shortcut you install in your favourites bar. Here’s the Flipboard version of The Adventures of Lazy Daze. You simply roll the mouse wheel to move backwards and forwards through the virtual mag. This appears to be following the trend of people building up a collection of things they like, similar to the way Pinterest works, giving people an insight into who they are and what they’re about and at the same time making it easy for people to share stuff they find. What I particularly like about Flipboard is the ease at which you can add any content; video, audio or text, and it formats it into an interactive magazine. The familiarity of flicking back and forth through the pages, rather than the endless scrolling or following of links through the rabbit warren of some websites, is very refreshing.

I can’t recall how many sites Lazy Daze are on now, it must be over two dozen. I am reminded of having read, on a number of occasion, to use each of your channels for slightly different content but that seems some how wrong headed. Yes, so ‘fans’ may be on multiple channels and won’t appreciate receiving an update about the same thing more than once  but many people I know only use a few social media sites. Personally, if I’ve connected with a band I’m more than happy to keep using the one resource to keep myself up to date. So,  where feasible, I’m going share, post and upload everything, everywhere and see what happens.

On a closing note, I’m mindful that on Thursday, 6 March a sixth of 2014 will have passed. Sixteen percent of the year. We have 84% remaining to make our mark! Hmmm…

Thanks, as always, for stopping by. I will get to the thorny topic of free downloads next time. I think I’ve got my head around the best approach.

Best wishes with all your endeavours,

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