StoryAmp, social infidelity and being who you are | Friday, 21 February 2014 | 313 days to go

Another quicky post…

In our attempt to spread the Lazy Daze word far and wide I came across StoryAmp. This is a site used by both musicians and journalists, allowing bands to announce events (upcoming gigs, new albums, album launches etc) which are ‘dispatched’ to copy hungry journalists, my words, not theirs.


As we’ve yet to make any major announcements I can’t vouch for how easy StoryAmp is to use, nor how effective it is. If anyway reading this has any experience of this website please comment. Our first dispatch will hopefully be the release of our debut album.

Like all these forms of networking, whether you use Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, ReverbNation, SoundCloud or anything similar, it’s being consistent. Building a fan base sufficiently large for a record label to get interested is always going to take time. I figure that any social media channel you can find that allows you to connect to potential follower has to be worth a go. And if all the reports of Google, and no doubt other search engines, factoring your level of social media presence by measuring how many people are ‘talking’ about you, it’s best to maximize the chances somebody will be liking, sharing or pinning you. Unfortunately, if you add into the mix the suggestion you post different things on different channels, you’re start to create a full time job but I guess marketing yourself has ever been thus.

The one thing I always keep in mind when thinking about selling myself, or the band, is to be true to who you are. The temptation to try a be who you think your customers most want is not inconsiderable, but that approach will ultimately lead down and dead end alley. If you desire your happiness to be part of the mix, don’t create a scenario where you feel your continued success is dependent on you pretending to be someone else. I’m sure that is likely to mess with your mind eventually.

I also read an interesting blog post about grouping multiple websites around your ‘hub’ site but I’ll expand on that next time.

Good luck out there 🙂

Best wishes,

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