Festival Applications, Wave 2 | Wednesday, 12 February 2014 | 322 days to go

2000 Trees Festival

2000 Trees Festival

More festival submissions today. We’ve had a couple of replies from our earlier offerings. Chippenham Folk Festival have advised applications for 2015 need to be made in July. Teignmouth Folk Festival have said we’re not the style they’re looking for. It’s difficult to know if that’s code for ‘we don’t like what you do’ or not. Priddy Folk Festival, not far from Glastonbury where we’re based, replied that all their stages are fully booked. Fortunately a friend of ours has got us booked for the Club Tent. This isn’t part of the main festival but will still give us a chance to show people what we can do. Frome have also replied that they’re fully booked.

We have left it a bit late in the season to get involved but we didn’t have the music and video that festivals ask for before the end of January. The next approach to this task is to apply for next year shortly after this years festival has finished. This will also reduce the intensity of applications, meaning we just need to do a few each week. Anyway, onto today’s entries…

  1. 2000 Trees Festival | 10 to 12/07/2014 | www.twothousandtreesfestival.co.uk
  2. Womad | 24 to 27/07/2014 | www.womad.co.uk
  3. Camp Bestival | 31/07 to 03/08/2014 | www.campbestival.net
  4. Beautiful Days | 15 to 17/08/2014 | www.beautifuldays.org
  5. Cornwall Folk Festival | 22 to 25/08/2014 | www.cornwallfolkfestival.com
  6. End of the Road Festival | 29 to 31/08/2014 | www.endoftheroadfestival.com

While doing these I’ve come across another dozen or so festivals during August and September, which we’ll apply for over the coming weeks.

That’s enough for now. Off to do more of one of the fun bits of being in a band; rehearse!

Best wishes,

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