Festival Applications, Wave 1 | Wednesday, 5 February | 329 days to go

There were two main tasks today. Firing off submissions to festivals and interviewing a prospective drummer.

Emma And Davy came over to my house at around 10:30 and, after a coffee, we got our heads down and began sending emails to as many local festivals as we could find. Most asked for a link to our music via SoundCloud of YouTube. We created a standard email  as follows:

I play bass for Lazy Daze, an acoustic contemporary  folk / rock band based in Glastonbury, and we would be interested in playing at [INSERT NAME OF FESTIVAL] this year.
You can listen to some recent demo tracks on SoundCloud, including our Glastonbury FM appearance – www.soundcloud.com/lazydazeband

We have a few videos on YouTube – http://www.youtube.com/user/lazydazesoundlounge

Our official website is www.lazydazesoundlounge.com

I appreciate your consideration and look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you.

Best wishes,


Gareth Lovelock

I have no idea if there is a protocol to these things so would be more than happy if anyone has any proven success tips. 🙂
Either side of our meeting with the potential drummer, we sent off a total of 24 emails, to the following festivals:
  1. Cheltenham Folk Festival  |  14 to 16/02/2014  |  www.cheltenhamtownhall.org.uk/whats-on/festivals/cheltenham-folk-festival
  2. Oxford Folk Weekend  |  25 to 27/04/2014  |  www.folkweekendoxford.co.uk
  3. Upton-Upon-Severn Folk Festival  |  02 to 05/05/2014  |  www.uptonfolk.org
  4. Bristol Folk Festival  |  03 to 04/05/2014  |  www.bristolfolkfestival.co.uk
  5. Crediton Folk Weekend  |  09 to 11/05/2014  |  www.creditonfolkweekend.co.uk
  6. Dulverton Folk Festival  |  23 to 26/05/2014  |  www.dulvertonfolkfestival.net
  7. Bath Fringe Festival  |  23/05 to 08/06/2014  |  www.bathfringe.co.uk
  8. Bude & Stratton Folk Festival  |  23 to 26/05/2014  |  www.budefolkfest.com
  9. Sunrise Celebration  |  29/05 to 01/06/2014  |  www.sunrisefestivals.co.uk
  10. Wessex Folk Festival  |  30/05 to 01/06/2014  |  www.wessexfolk.co.uk
  11. Wimborne Minster Folk Festival  |  13 to 15/06/2014  |  www.wimbornefolk.co.uk
  12. Teignmouth Folk Festival  |  20 to 22/06/2014  |  www.teignmouthfolk.co.uk
  13. West Somerset Folk Festival  |  27 to 29/06/2014  |  www.westsomersetfolkfestival.co.uk
  14. Folk on the Quay  |  28 to 29/06/2014  |  www.folkonthequay.co.uk
  15. Frome Festival  |  04 to 13/07/2014  |  www.fromefestival.co.uk
  16. Village Pump Folk Festival  |  25 to 27/07/2014  |  www.villagepumpfolkfestival.co.uk
  17. Sidmouth Folk Week  |  01 to 08/08/2014  |  www.sidmouthfolkweek.co.uk
  18. Farm Fest  |  01 to 02/08/2014  |  www.farmfestival.co.uk
  19. Bath Folk Festival  |  09 to 17/08/2014  |  www.bathfolkfestival.org
  20. Purbeck Folk Festival  |  21 to 24/08/2014  |  www.purbeckfolk.co.uk
  21. Shrewsbury Folk Festival  |  22 to 25/08/2014  |  www.shrewsburyfolkfestival.co.uk
  22. Watchet Music Festival  |  22 to 24/08/2014  |  www.watchetfestival.co.uk
  23. Burnham-on-Sea Folk Festival  |  28 to 31/08/2014  |  www.folkfest.co.uk
  24. Lyme Folk Weekend  |  29 to 31/08/2014  |  www.lymefolk.com

As you may have guessed, other than starting fairly locally, we’re paying little or no attention to the logistics of getting to the festivals. The chances of us getting double booked feel fairly slim at this moment but should that good fortune occur, we’ll find a way to deal with it. The bit that often took the longest was looking for contact details or instructions for applications to play at the festival.

The submissions will continue over the coming weeks and I’ll update you as we go, including any responses we get.

We met our prospective drummer at 1pm at La Terre, a cafe in Glastonbury High Street. He spent most of the almost two hours talking about what he’d done before and explaining why he wasn’t in a band at the moment. Interestingly, he failed to give a direct answer to the ‘do you like our music’ question. This, along with the situation he described with his previous band, gave me cause for concern. I’m not going to divulge any details here as that wouldn’t be fair. On the way back to my house, Emma, Davy and I discussed how the interview had gone. Neither of them got a particularly good feeling. It was nothing obvious but of primary concern along with an ability to play drums and other percussion instrument, their had to be a personal connection. If things go according to plan. we’re all going to be spending a lot of time together and it’s important this is more than just a job, we want to have a good time in the process. Anyway, we agreed to send him some tracks to listen to, which he said he would record some drumming over and email them back. So, we’ll wait and see regarding his drumming abilities but for that personal connection thing it isn’t looking promising.

Emma and Davy left mine at about 5.30pm. We decided to give rehearsals a miss this evening, particularly as work commitments were preventing Jon coming anyway.

Please send us good vibes for our festival submissions, and if you happen to know a drummer in the Somerset area, please pass on our website address – http://www.lazydazesoundlounge.com – and of they like what they hear, tell them to get in touch via this blog.

As always, thanks for your interest. Until next time, may your journey only be as challenging as is useful. 🙂

Best wishes,

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