Saturday, 1 February 2014 | 333 days to go

Today we sent a demo CD off to a friend of mine who is a friend of Mike Scott of the Waterboys. My Friend Jay first heard an old demo, recorded by Emma & Davy pre-Lazy Daze, back in August 2012, shortly I had joined the band. Straight away he suggested I get a band demo to him, as he thought Mike would be interested. It would be great to get some feedback, if nothing else. We shall wait and see.

I also sent an email expressing our interest in performing at the Larmer Tree Festival, located in Salisbury, Wiltshire, July this year. This is the first of many festival submissions we plan to make. It appears Tom Jones is going to be there. It is simply a numbers exercise. As we are a complete unknown we can only hope that, if we get enough people to listen, a small percentage of those will give us a chance. Admittedly we’re a bit late in the season to begin the submission process but you never know. If anyone reading this has any tips for festival applications please let us know.

On the topic of festivals, we’ve had a message via Facebook from someone asking if we’d be interested in performing at a charity folk festival in Devon, on 19 July. By coincidence this is the same weekend the Larmer Tree Festival covers. Maybe we could make a mad dash between the two! I messaged the guy back for more details, saying we are interested.

Emma's Shoes         WP_20130913_005

Today we had one of our Pinterest Pins, pinned to someone else’s Pinterest Board, for the first time. It was the recording of our Glastonbury FM (GFM) appearance. The interesting thing about this is, it was pinned to a board entitled Fashion. I can only think this is because the image used by SoundCloud for this track was the default one, as I didn’t create a specific image. The image we use for all our social media stuff is of the crazy shoes Emma wore for our gig at Hawthorns, which also ended up being the image for the poster. It just shows you never know what could be the one thing, or event, or person you meet, that makes the difference. Someone may listen to our GFM performance because of a picture of shoes, someone who might never have come across us ordinarily.

I’m off to London tomorrow, to take my daughter, Elizabeth, and a couple of her friends to see Taylor Swift in concert, at the O2 Arena. There were a few weeks in the run up to the event, during which I could have ended up with one of the tickets. Not that I would have minded seeing Miss Swift. I like her music and apparently she’s a consummate performer, and live music is just great anyway. The one concern I would have had is that the three seats are not together, and I could have ended up in the middle of a bunch of young teenagers and their parents, singing along, which may potential have earned me a few strange glances. As it turns out I’ll be meeting up with my brother, Dave, for a catch-up and some food.

I think that’s me about done for today. I doubt I’ll be posting on Sunday, as I don’t expect to be back from London until the early hours of Monday morning.

Best wishes,

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