Wednesday, 29 January 2014 | 336 days to go

A very quick update. We held our final rehearsal before our Glastonbury FM (GFM) appearance tomorrow. All went well. We’re due to be at the GFM studio, outside the Red Brick Building in Glastonbury, at 6.45 pm, ready to go live at 7 pm. The Red Brick Building is a community project based in an old building which, due for demolition, was saved by some local students from Strode college holding a sit in. The community then clubbed together, with people buying shares at £500 each, and bought the property. And now, a few years on, it’s a brilliant community space for workshops, offices and great nights out in the Bocabar hosted there. Here’s a short vid all about the Red Brick Building Community project; it’s a great story.

You may have read in my first post that we performed at a fundraiser to help GFM get together enough cash to build a new studio inside the Red Brick. Hopefully we’ll get an update on their progress.

The only aspect of doubt re. GFM at the moment is whether Jon can make it through the Bristol traffic to get there on time!

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention, Emma has already managed to sort out piano for one of our songs, ‘This Is Where We’re At’. After about 5 hours of practice, and much swearing (according to Davy) she cracked it. Hopefully I can post you the three versions we have sometime soon, so you can hear how the song has progressed. The piano part is excellent! Well done Emma. 🙂

Best wishes,

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