Sunday, 26 January 2014 | 339 days to go

OK, it’s Stats Sunday again, already. The week has flown by. Let’s total up the figures and see where we’ve got to with our social media-ing. And try and figure out what it all might means…

Scocial Media Stats 19 and 26 Jan

Facebook is probably where we’re most active, we’ve posted 4 times in the last week. We have also paid to boost a post this week with, if I’m honest, very little noticeable impact. I think we’re unlikely to try that again.

Twitter we haven’t paid much attention to, other than linking it our Facebook page so Facebook posts also get tweeted. The blog also goes out on Twitter but as a relatively recent addition to our social media armoury the effect is hard to guess.

ReverbNation seems to have been a good method of connecting to other ReverbNationers, whether this reaps benefits further than climbing us up the ReverbNation Charts, I’m not sure. Fanning people back appears to be effective in increasing your own fans, and it is very interesting listening to the music others are creating. I certainly appreciate more, just how many people are out there doing their own creative thing, and that re-enforces my belief that it isn’t just about talent.

I’ve known some amazing musicians who either couldn’t write songs or lacked that elusive ‘magic’ ingredient, whatever that is. But I’m increasingly certain a large part of it is just putting in the work and getting as much exposure as possible. The law of probability suggests that if enough people hear you you will collect a fan base, no matter what you’re playing. Having said that, I’ve heard some brilliant tracks on ReverbNation so, if you’re into your music, it’s well worth a browse. Maybe I’ll slip in a review or two when something I hear has particular impact.

YouTube, other than being a great place to host our videos, has generated no followers. However, I guess we need far more material up there, and to be more consistent at sharing that content. I’m sure this won’t be the first time I say this, and certainly not the first time someone has observed, that the time and effort involved in self-promotion is considerable.

Pinterest is a complete unknown to me. I’ve read in a number of places it’s the fastest growing social media site, so figured we need to be on it. Consequently I was surprised to get notifications that we had picked up two followers. We currently have boards entitled ‘Quotes We Love‘, ‘Live‘, ‘The Band‘, ‘Rehearsing‘, ‘Recording‘ and ‘Posters‘.

In summary, presence on the internet appears to be about having a number of satellite sites, which all point to your central hub, whether that is your ‘official’ website or another social media site. Currently most things lead back to At this moment I doubt that will change. Collecting email still seems to be the main aim for any business, which is what we need to be to make this music thing pay, and emails are more ‘profitable’ leads.

Performance Careers Stats 19 and 26 Jan

Our main focus has been getting material ready to record. Although not entirely happy with the Oliver Priddy Sessions we at least having something to send out. So, while we’re looking for a recording studio, the process of contacting festivals, in the first instance, can begin.

Recording Career Stats 19 and 26 Jan

I suspect we’ll wait for the studio recording before submitting to record companies. Considering contacting record companies may seem a bit premature at this stage, as I’m aware they often want evidence of a following before they take a chance on investing in a band. Equally, there are no rules in this, the right song, arriving on the right desk at the right time may reap rewards. Plus, we have a few contacts within the industry (details to be revealed) so are hopeful we can at least get a hearing.

Other Stats 19 and 26 Jan

I have nothing to measure this against! Is 0.2 cm in a week normal? Having decided to leave it uncut for all of 2014 (although I do reserve the right to change my mind), if it continues at this rate I will get to 12 cm. Not sure how I feel about that.

Onto more practical things, Emma has sent out a request on Glastonbury Noticeboard (our local digital noticeboard) asking if anyone has a piano they want to sell or loan out. Let’s see if the magic of Glastonbury can provide. 🙂

We’re scheduled to visit Studio 9 tomorrow, so I’ll let you know how that goes.

As always, thanks for stopping by. Hopefully see you soon.

Best wishes,

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